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Step 1. Open Safari Preferences.

Step 2. Then match the following settings:

Note: For Internet Explorer or older Microsoft Edge users, you will want to set this up in your browser settings.
More info can be found here (IE), or here (Edge) users

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  • Click settings button, (), then click Settings.
  • In top search bar, type Home.
  • Look for Show home button, then make sure toggle ()is enabled.

Firefox Users:
  • Home icon should appear by default.

Choose View > Customize Toolbar

Drag the Home button directly on to the toolbar.

Internet Explorer

  • Home icon should appear by default.

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History of
Best Homepage Ever

Justin Carver

This site began as a school project at the University of Oregon (USA), in my very first computer class in 1999. The homework assignment? Create a website.

Rather than creating something that would only be used for a week, I thought it might be fun to create a page page that had links to all of the most commonly used sites for myself, friends, and family.

As time progressed, I began seeing friends of friends using it at the University, so over time my goal was to continue to add sites that were fun, relevant, and useful for people to use in their daily lives.

Now, with a broader userbase, I'm very proud and thankful to say that BHE is a useful tool for the world to enjoy.

Thank you all, for your loyalty and support.

Justin Carver
Owner, Designer

Best Homepage Ever