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(( This is a perfect example of how far the Internet has come, and how awful my programming skills were for the first 10 years. ))
Note: Many of the links are now dead
However, if you'd like to still re-visit some old homepage updates, enjoy!

Best Homepage Ever Archived News

December 18, 2014

* Server Upgrade *

If anybody experienced any issues in the late hours of December 17/18, I had to upgrade the host server.

The good news is this will increase the capacity of traffic for BestHomepageEver, and likely increase the load speed for you all.
I apologize if you experienced any temporary "blackouts". This upgrade was needed and long overdue. Now, your load success will once again be 99.99%.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to you all.



September 25, 2014

10 Years later, so happy to be using BHE!

Thanks to you all.. A few updates that, of course, apply to you!
200 New Pictures added to your homepage.. now over 1 million combinations of backgrounds/pics!



March 25, 2014


BestHomepageEver is now more mobile than ever!

Take a look on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device(s). The links and appearance of the site will adjust automatically. I will have instructions on how to set BHE as your homepage on these devices in the next 48 hours. Additionally, you'll notice several graphic enhancements, with more to come.

If you see any oddities within the page, try to refresh your browser (clicking 'F5' is easiest). Otherwise, if you have an older browser, IE 8.0 or earlier, then it may be time to upgrade.

Also, new panoramic photos are being loaded all throughout the week.



January 11, 2014

15,000,000 hits. Are you Kidding Me? Thank You!!

Happy New Year to you all!

I can't express how much I appreciate you guys' loyalty toward the homepage. 15 Years and running.
I think this page began with Internet Explorer 5!? (haha).

Anyway, keep using, jumping to all the best sites in seconds!

Remember to Bookmark (CTRL+D -OR- CMD+D), or at least add to your browser's tabs for quick access.

SIMPLICITY:: With BHE, you can click from News to E-mail, to Facebook, to Weather, to Shopping & Sports, all without typing a word!:) Enjoy!!


January 05, 2014

BHE has now recorded 15 million hits! Thank you all!::)

This is what the homepage used to look like in 2004. I promise great things in the upcoming years to you all!



September 11, 2013

New section launched this week, which can be enjoyed daily: Entertainment.

Included are:



July 26, 2013

BestHomepageEver has been completely re-coded from the ground up, now with mobile/tablet functionality.

Underneath the hood, I have cleaned up everything, so I hope you all can start seeing an improvement on whatever Smartphone you use.
Essentially, all smartphones will have BestHomepageEver (Lite), with fewer links in the Best Of.. section

And, if you use an iPhone, you can now quickly add BHE to your homescreen.


April 18, 2013

The BHE community continues to grow!! Thank you all!!

5 years = 3,500% growth (unique visits/month)


April 4, 2013

I have been monitoring the homepage lately, courtesy of CrazyEgg.com, to see which links are scarcely, if ever, used. As you can see,
as part of this update, I have removed a few links (categories are now to back to 2 rows long). This should help you find and click what you need a bit easier.

I have also moved a few sites around and expanded the News section to give you some technology, business, and world news options.

Lastly, BestHomepageEver is now on Twitter!

Follow me to make site recommendations or link suggestions. Also, I will be announcing regular updates and asking for advice on Twitter as well.

That's it for now. As always, thanks for using BestHomepageEver!!!


April 1, 2013

Greetings all-

I am taking great strides in improving the homepage this month. Today, I have made it much easier and more attractive to set BHE as your (and visitors') homepage.
I have further consolidated the page in length so that the Google button is now embedded into the search-bar automatically.
Remember, if you wish to visit Google.com immediately, you can always click <Enter> when BHE loads to jump directly to Google.com.

Secondly, thanks to you all who have voted BestHomepageEver as a top-10 homepage!

Stay tuned for some exciting new changes to be coming in the coming weeks!




August 15, 2012

Please read below for recent updates (Aug 12)..

BestHomepageEver.com has now reached a milestone - 10,000,000 unique page loads*!

*since 2006, the first year data was recorded


August 12, 2012

I am happy to announce some new additions to the site.

First off, many people have been writing me from around the country and I can't say this enough - I really enjoy hearing from you all!
Your suggestions, recommendations, praises, and comments have been constructive and meaningful, so I thank you so much for writing
and I urge you to continue to write.

On to some of the page enhancements...

First, I have expanded the shopping area with pop-up "bubbles" which will help keep the page clutter-free. You can now click on a general category
such as "Clothing/Apparel" and you will be prompted with a bubble to choose which specific area of the category that you'd like. This addition makes it
quick and easy to access more sites. More bubbles are on the way!

Second, I've given Amazon a more prounced section of the shopping area because the links have been so very popular in the last 12 months.
For all of those who like to shop from Amazon, hopefully this helps you out! Also, they are now helping BHE out by paying a small commission on
purchases made from this site, so please click the Amazon link before your purchases to help me and the homepage operating.

Lastly, I have made some behind-the-scenes CSS improvements to make the page load quicker.
This may not be noticeable to some, but every bit counts (no pun intended:).


February 15, 2011

LOTS of new pictures and backgrounds added to the homepage today!
Hopefully this will help you feel like the same picture or background doesn't come up repeatedly.

Look to see more textures, and, hopefully some of your own panoramic pictures!
(thanks to those who uploaded them to me!)

By the way, here are the latest stats on BestHomepageEver.

-- HITS -- January 2008 to January 2011

January 25, 2011

I must apologize to my loyal homepage users, as I've been consumed by my latest project, my new personal business,
EasyETA. It's been an education experience to say the least! A lot of the time consumption and work is in the past,
and now I can finally put a lot of my time and effort back in to Best Homepage Ever.

To see my new project, OR if you plan on traveling to Australia, then you can obtain an Australian Visa through EasyETA.

For those of you who uploaded pictures and ideas to me in the last few weeks, I thank you so much and promise I'll have
your pictures and ideas implemented into BHE in the coming weeks.

Thanks and take care.

June 25, 2010

In the last 18 days since my last update, I've continued to add new pictures and backgrounds.

BHE is now displayed in over 3,000 different combinations of ways, each different everytime you
load or revert back to the page. This number of course will continue to climb.

In other news, I've consolidated the computers and technology sections and repositioned newegg to
the shopping category, where I think it belongs.

The new section that came out of that unused area is the new "Deal of the Day" or "Daily Deals" section,
where you'll find websites that offer a single product on sale each day. Some of them will be local
and some national, depending on which site you choose.

That's it for now.

Enjoy the summer everyone!


June 7, 2010

Along with a new motto, today I'm proud to launch what so many of you were requesting and waiting for.
Now, every time you load up BestHomepageEver, both the background and front image change.
With 70+ pictures and 27 backgrounds loaded, there are over 2,000 combinations of looks for your homepage.

Trust me, this is only the beginning. Rather than updating the page once a week, I'm simply going to add to the collection
of panoramic photos and backgrounds on a non-stop basis to give thousands of looks to the homepage over time.

In addition to that,
I've fixed a couple of loose links. Most notably, new users can now easily set BestHomepageEver to be their homepage
by clicking on the link near the top-left (or here). This is compatible with all browsers except Google Chrome.
(hopefully that will come in time).

Lastly, the date and time listed in the far top-right of BHE, which is clickable by the way, will now automatically
remind you of national and worldwide holidays.

I hope you enjoy the improvements. More are on the way and if you have any suggestions or wish to report a
bug, please email me. Thanks!

March 16, 2010

2,000,000th hit on BHE today. Still in the minor leagues, but am very happy with the loyalty of people
who use this website as their homepage after all these years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
..........................Continue to spread the word!

It was quite a bit faster reaching the second millionth click milestone (7 months, 2 weeks) compared to the first millionth,
which took 9 years!!

I thank you all and do appreciate it! I still do NOT advertise and respect a good, simple homepage!

For math people (including myself:), here is an updated 2 year chart of clicks per month (January 2008 - January 2010)

I remember looking at 12,181 hits per month and being shocked! hahhaha:)

Take care everyone!

February 10, 2010

Well, today I've simplified the homepage even further:

-- Removed StatCounter, which shows # of hits (although I am still keeping track')
-- Added Submit-a-Pic page so anyone can upload pictures directly to me which will appear on BHE.
-- Added Submit-a-Link page to take suggestions on improved links for the site.
-- Edited Travel Section
-- Added N.Y. and L.A. Times to replace MSN news
-- Edited Music,Food,Art section so you can search Lyrics as well as Bands.

November 4, 2009

I've added several new links to "The Bored Room" which I think might occupy some time.
Some links are funny, some are random, but either way they're entertaining.

My next project will be updating JustinCarver.com as it's been about 2 years since I've made any
major updates to the website.

A quick note: I've constantly been receiving ideas and comments about BHE.. keep them coming!
I enjoy hearing from you all..

Tell your friends and family about the homepage!!



August 11, 2009

Important: I've removed Google as one of the top 3 links above the search bar, and replaced it with Bing.
This is for 2 reasons -- First, the search bar defaults to Google, and second....

You can always simply hit <ENTER> upon loading BestHomepageEver to load Google.

Constantly improving!

August 3rd, 2009

Well, it's been about a week already, but BHE reached the 1 million hit milestone!

Very exciting indeed:) Well, actually it's just a number.. but I'm happy:)

FYI: That counter began in April 2006,
.....6 years into the website's life

I also just wanted to write and thank all of those who have written me from around the country
with suggestions on links. Thanks to you guys, the site is constantly improving!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!!

February 18, 2009

Thanks to a good suggestion from a user, I've made a very slight, but highly effective change to the page.
Now, when you load up BestHomepageEver, your cursor should default to the Google search box.

This is particularly useful for searching the web immediately without using your mouse... and, on a side note,
if you just hit ENTER when pulling up BHE, you are redirected to google.

Thanks to Scott for that.

Also, I've added a language translator link to the top right portion of the page. It may or may not stay there,
as the quicklinks section has traditionally been reserved for the most clicked links on the page,
but many thanks to Don for the suggestion. I think a translation link of some sort is here to stay.

Have a great day and keep the ideas flowing!

September 29, 2008

300,000 hits!

I never would have imagined when I created BestHomepageEver over 8 years ago
that people from all around the world would one day be using the page and writing me about it.

In the last couple of months, I've spoken to quite a few of you who are new to the page and
I welcome you!!

Each week, each month, its popularity and community base grows to new records and I
thank you again for your continued support and word-of-mouth advertising!

If any of you have suggestions for the homepage, please don't hesitate to write me with ideas,
link suggestions, etc. as I will do my best to make it suitable as your homepage along with the rest of us.

When I used to have my email address posted on the page, I got spammed like crazy,
so if you just click on my name at the bottom, you can find my contact info on that page.

This month, I've done some re-arranging to help give Wikipedia some more attention, seeing as
it's become one of the most widely-used pages on the Internet.

Anyway, everybody take care and continue to enjoy the site! I can't thank you enough if you've
been helping spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 19, 2008

This month, I've made some major advancements for Best Homepage Ever.
First, I've completely removed the Quicklinks box, which stood front-and-center
on the page for about 6 years.

I've replaced the box with what I think is even better - Simple pictures that link to
Maps, Directions, Weather, and a personal calendar (More to come?)

By removing the quicklinks box, I've once again shortened the page dramatically,
which is a constant goal of mine to help you users see everything at once.

You may also notice I've removed the BLOG button and replaced it at the bottom
with a simple link.

May 13, 2008

Here are the latest numbers to demonstrate the continued growth of BestHomepageEver.
April was the great month EVER and, with a record 5,000 hits in the first week of May,
I have no doubt May will be even better. Thanks again!!

May 5, 2008

I have added world news to the right part of the page, courtesy of BBC
and have updated a few of the main links at the bottom.

Different games have been added, such as LOGD (which, for anybody who played LORD about 15 years ago would appreciate),
Lemonade Stand (courtesy of Kevin Smosky), and Tetris, courtesy of whoever invented that for Nintendo.

Have a great '08 all!!

April 1, 2008

It's been over a year since I've made a regular update to the blog page. I'll keep it simple!

I've added a link that I hope you all at least check out! Kiva, which is a site
where you loan money to people in ANY amount which could potentially change
somebody's life directly... Just check out the site and donate if you can! $10, $50, whatever.
You get repaid, but the loan helps people start up a business in a 3rd world country!!

In short, a lot of the updates that I've made in the last year have been aesthetic.
I've made improvements on the background from old patterned looks to more smooth
and "modern" backdrops. I hope you've noticed:)

Also, I've tried to keep the theme simple - EASY & USEFUL!

I'm happy to report that page hits are up 300% (March '08 hits vs. March '07 hits)
and the site continues to grow thanks to your loyalty!

Have a great Spring and I promise it won't be another year before I make the next update!



March 3, 2007

Welcome to the new year! I've consolidated the page as much as possible and,
for the most part, have stuck with the same links within the main links section.

The winter tradition for BHE has been a snow report, now found in the top right of the page.
This year, I found SkiReport.com to be the best source for all mountains reports...
Besides that, you may see some snow on the page from time to time, simply for effects.

Because I started receiving mass amounts of spam in my hotmail inbox, I had to remove
the feedback section. I can't handle the mass amounts of e-mail in my personal
inbox on a daily basis.. so thanks to whichever company started doing that!

Anyway, I wish you all a great 2007. Happy Birthday to my Dad Al,who turned 60 on Feb.4,
and who's been a long time supporter of BestHomepageEver.

Until next time...


December 4, 2006

Today I made an a whole slew of improvements to the homepage.
First, the news/sports scores table was completely replaced with a more efficient
feed from two reputable sites - Yahoo & CBS Sportsline.

The finance feed offers up-to-date quotes on the S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite,
the price of Gold, and the price of Oil, as traded on the various exchanges.
Plus, you can simply enter a ticker to get a quick quote.

In addition, all major sports scores are now fed directly to the homepage and can
easily be viewed by scrolling through the various tabs (NCAA football, NBA, etc.)

I also did some housekeeping once again in an attempt to further shrink the page so that it
can be scrolled and accessed quicker.

..Just another couple of reasons why BestHomepageEver continues
to be the simplest, most useful portal for all of your Internet needs.

October 19, 2006

So, I've updated the Travel section with a few more useful links.
In addition, the live news section is up and running, even though it's still in
BETA mode at this point. My goal is to have more RSS live feeds on the
site by year-end. This would allow live stock quotes, news, scores, etc.

Best Homepage Ever has just passed over 20,000 hits!!!
Thank you and PLEASE continue to spread the word!!


September 9, 2006

It's been a while since my last update due to the fact that I had computer
trouble. Luckily, everything is back and I'm ready to continue to improve
on the site's content and look.

The next project, which should be complete by the end of the month,
is live RSS feeds. These feeds are what allow
live streaming news and sports scores!
So look for those in the very near future.

June 7, 2006

I've learned how to design backgrounds for webpages! So here's the result.
Simple, colorful designs that are meant to make the homepage look its best.

May 31, 2006

June is here. Summer is around the corner! And in celebration, I've
provided a download section, Best Downloads Ever, check it out here.

May 30, 2006

Time for another statistics update on BestHomepageEver.

fig.1 This graph denotes the total number of requests, or clicks,
on a monthly basis since May '05.

The site is consistently getting more and more hits each month,
with hits this month from 4 different countries and 10 different US states.

New Jersey

Justin Carver, BestCompanyEver

May 18, 2006

This week's work was done in the "background" of BHE. I manually went
through all the code, which isn't exactly a fun task by the way,
and shortened it. This will continue to allow quick load
times and, for those of you who use Netscape as a browser,
a better look.

For those of you who don't write code, which is nearly everyone..:) ,
each browser, whether it be Firefox, Netscape, or I.E., each read
code differently. So, it can be a bit of a headache trying to make sure
all 3 read it correctly.

Well, now they do. So enjoy now and thank me later.

May 1, 2006

Just a quick update.

There have been a couple link changes and one fix.
For the most part, the site is running smoothly, opening faster, and looks better.
I am constantly looking for new, usable links for you all so if you have any ideas
or link requests, please feel free to let me know.

Happy May Day:)

April 24, 2006

For better or worse, I've completely wiped out and redone BestHomepageEver. It had to be done.
I am learning how to design websites using Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver,
and several other pieces of software to help enhance and fine-tune the site. Thanks, Darin.

Although the site is new, I've stuck to the simple, accessible design that
has made it so easy to use in the past.In doing so, I wish to hear your comments, so please let me know your opinion as to what you
would like to see either changed or added to the site.The good news is that now that the site has been simplified with brand new coding,
it's able to be updated and enhanced much easier and more efficiently. However, this is a test.

My ultimate goal for BHE is usability. I will be incorporating some new and exciting changes to the site in the next few months,
so enjoy the site and drop me an e-mail in the comments section here if you have any suggestionst.

Justin M. Carver


April 3, 2006

Well, I'm back from my trip to Australia and New Zealand. So for those of you who were sick of
the same background and picture, I assure you you weren't alone. I have about 650 pictures to sort
through to make the homepage look better than ever in the coming months.

Also, Joe and I's collaborative project, BMCE or BestMediaCollectionEver
is merging into something bigger and better. However, the details, unfortunately,
I can't disclose yet. However, I will keep you updated when the time comes.

For those of you I met on the road in Australia & New Zealand, thanks for checking out
my site. Although it may or may not be as useful for non-US citizens, keep in touch and
perhaps I can create a U.K and Australia version down the road.

Well, it's nice to be back in the USA. I'll be improving this site thoroughly
once again over the next few days, weeks, and months.

January 23, 2006

I'm thrilled to announce that traffic is at an all-time high in January (and the month's not even over!).
More of you are using BestHomepageEver than ever! and I thank you for that....

Also, I am about 75% done in completing my collaborative project - BestMediaCollectionEver.
Feel free to take a sneak peak! However, I will be going overseas for the month of February,
so look for a final product around April 1, 2006.

BestMediaCollectionEver will be a close-ended, private community of people who wish to have access
to music, movies, T.V. shows, and share pictures with friends.
I will keep you all posted as we make progress into the Spring.. Check out the site for more details.

Have a wonderful rest of January and I will return for an update in mid-March, hopefully with some fresh new ideas.
In the meantime, Joe Bonage will be taking over the reigns of BestHomepageEver for February. Thanks Joe!

See you all soon, -Justin.


December 30, 2005


I've really worked at trying to make this site better each week, so I hope you enjoy the changes.
Each year the improvements and fine-tuning of BestHomepageEver are more and more important and useful, so I look forward
to yet another year of great things to come.

I've added some links here and there and have added easy-access arrows to automatically navigate to both the top and bottom
portions of the page. In addition, I've added the time/date at the top left and eliminated the need for newcomers to
be referenced to another page to set BHE as their homepage. These small changes are mostly irrelevant to the average user,
but, in all, they are making the site easier to use and more resourceful.

2006 will be the year for constant content improvements. For the past few months, I've been establishing what I think
is the foundation for the basic layout and design of the site. Now I plan on focusing on improving the core
of the site and providing the links that YOU want and use. 2006 will be an important year for BestHomepageEver,
and I thank you for continuing to use and enjoy the site.

Justin Carver


December 8, 2005

Substantial improvements have been made to the Quicklinks and Main Links sections:

December 1, 2005

Aah, one of my favorite months of the year! December.

For us snowboarders and skiiers who use the page, I have once again added a Snow Report.
I wish all of you a great holiday season and I look forward to starting yet another year,
The 6th year for BestHomepageEver!

Thanks all. Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year.

November 8, 2005

I've consolidated the page quite a bit this month (about 35%), slowly phasing out the old "Sites of the Month."
I will be working on a way to make a list of useful sites in the future, but for now I think its best to have a smaller homepage.
I've added an encyclopedia link to the Second Line so that we can all look up useful info on just about everything in just one click.


October 12, 2005

As mentioned in the frontpage news, the name "BestHomepageEver.com" will be phased out
in the coming weeks and will be the official motto of the homepage instead. The actual transition will
go unnoticed for many of you as it will be transferred to a different server over night.
At that point, Besthomepageever.com will simply forward you to ThePerfectHomepage.com automatically.

For now, just continue to enjoy the site and many more improvements are on the way!

October 1, 2005

I'm excited to start October. Progress is continuously being made
that I think will help propel BHE to the next level.
During the next 4 weeks, I will be building "The Backyard,"
which will be a portal to all kinds of multimedia, where people
can pay a flat fee to have remote access 24/7.
More details will come in the next few weeks.

This graph, which represents how many total requests the server makes on a monthly basis,
demonstrates that September was the most popular month EVER for BHE.
The number of unique computers that accessed the site was over 70!

I appreciate all of you spreading the word on BestHomepageEver, and I will continue to
do my best to return the favor my providing a more useful homepage for you each and every month.

For now, continue to enjoy the site.

September 13, 2005

Over the last few days I've taught myself Dreamweaver, which is a software program to enhance the layout
of webpages. In doing so, major improvements have been made to both the links section and the
ergonomics of the page itself. Most notably, the page is smaller and more accessible.

Take notice of some of the following changes:

  • You can now access your e-mail from the very top-left portion of the page.
  • The Links section containing sports has been moved to the new full-time sports section below.
  • The more commonly used, Internet Hotspots section, is now in the center of the page.
  • I added ticketmaster to the quicklinks section at the top, for all major sporting/music events.
  • My Personal Favorites section has been divided up, moving the links to their relevant categories.
  • I've removed some of the more uncommonly used links, such as World Population and Google Groups. Sorry.
  • Lastly, various fonts and small color changes have been applied.

Some of these improvements have given me more ideas to work on. I still need a logo however.

September 1, 2005

As I was gone for most of the month of August, my progress was limited. However, a server is currently
being worked on to host the site. And, in addition, I've accumulated numerous unique backgrounds
to be used for the next 6 months. Which, by the way, are some of the best to date.

The BestHomePageEver family of websites has also been expanded to incorporate
5 other websites, re-directing into ONE, including:

  • https://besthomepageever.com
  • http://www.besthomepageever.net
  • http://www.thebesthomepageever.com
  • http://www.thebesthomepageever.net
  • http://www.theperfecthomepage.com
  • http://www.theperfecthomepage.net

August 1, 2005

I've entered into a partnership to take this website to the next level.
By 2006, BHE will have its own dedicated server, increasing the speed and reliability
of the site. I will also start advertising the site itself with my new motto:
Besthomepageever - "THE PERFECT HOMEPAGE"

In addition, I am in the works of improving the overall appearance and feel of the page,
all the while keeping it simple with the links that you want. No matter what, there will never
be any form of advertising - no banners, no pop-ups, no advertisements!

For all of you who use this page, I thank you. I hope you continue to use it and enjoy it;
I will continue to enhance the functionality, simplicity, and appearance of the BestHomepageEver,
as I always have and always will.

Please help me spread the word. Also, feel free to e-mail me with suggestions or comments

Justin Carver


Also, as you may know, I post new photos/paintings each month on the homepage,
So if you'd like to display or show off your photography, contact me and you can have your artwork displayed.


May 21, 2005

Wow, its been a year since I've even touched this page. However, the reason is that the news is now
updated on the homepage itself and I've been able to fine-tune everything enough to where major
updates aren't necessary.

One major update to speak of, however, is the community size of the homepage. The number of people
using the homepage on a steady to regular basis has roughly doubled each year - now standing at over 30 people!
Unfortunately, I don't know who you all are, but I'm glad you continue to visit!

Throughout the last 5 years, I've tried to stick to my original plan: simplicity!
Also, its important for me, at least, to have a homepage that loads fast and is easy to navigate.
Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy the website and I'll update again sometime in the future.

Thanks and enjoy the site!

March 1, 2004

March Madness is around the corner, so I thought I'd link to ESPN's colllege BB pages.
Don't forget that weather reports are posted in the top-right corner, for all your local/national weather needs.

Changes: New background. New picture. New picture caption. New links to RottenTomatoes.com & IBD.
I hope you all continue to like the updates and aesthetic changes being made to the site.
Remember, comments are always appreciated. Feel free to e-mail me anytime: carverjustin@hotmail.com
Thanks, and have a good March '04

December 21, 2003

2003 has been a remarkable year for the page, as it's undergone many significant
changes, most notably a relocation. And, in turn, the traffic has more than quintupled.
Plus, I feel as though the page has become more and more useful throughout the year,
thanks to the help of your comments/requests.

(((For those who haven't used this homepage since 2002)))
Every year around the Christmas-New Year holiday season,
I try to give the page a new "look." This year is no different.

I hope to continue to provide a banner-free, useful environment
especially geared toward people who value simplicity. So for all those who use it,
have a great 2004 and enjoy the site!

By the way, feel free to submit pictures that you feel would look good on YOUR homepage.
Mail to: carverjustin@hotmail.com ... ... [update] This month's picture is the La Jolla coast.

October 22, 2003

Quite a few updates this month. I'm still trying to improve on the new additions from September.
First, the Digital Artists & Photography section has been removed and replaced by
a new section that will help un-clutter the rest of the page and add 3-5 more useful links.

The following were the links listed in that section, if you were to ever want to download digital
images in the future:

All of these links were/are excellent sources for digital images, but were simply out-dated on this site.
"Out with the old, in with the new" is what I like to say. I felt as though the links were somewhat
dead and ready for an upgrade.

A couple new links were added and moved, which I feel has improved the overall content of the page.
In addition, a new background has been added, as well as a new picture from Newberry Caldera in Oregon.

For those who have cable modem broadband Internet access and are looking to get rid of those
pesky "Messenger Service" pop-ups, here is a simple way to get rid of them permanently.
Click here and follow the 3 simple instructions. It literally only takes 1 minute and it saves you the hassle of having to close out a bunch of pop-ups everytime you sit down at your computer.

September 18, 2003

Lots of pictures will be available soon from Lake Powell, Las Vegas, and San Diego.
I was shocked to see the "hosting results" page which reports statistics on the homepage.
Here are a couple of highlights:

    • 36 Unique computers have accessed BestHomePageEver
    • 9,018 "Successful Server Requests" - or "Clicks" in the last 5 weeks. (257 clicks/day)
    • Tuesday is the most popular day for usage; 2-3pm is the most popular time of day
    • September is on pace to be a much more popular month than August (about 1.4X as many clicks)
    • Lastly, I have estimated the actual # of people who use this site as their homepage to 20 +/- a few

    August 15, 2003

    Several Updates, including:
    • New location!
    • New Background (with about 4 more to come in the coming months)
    • Updated Quicklinks box - removed UofO and UlaneO and replaced with Travel and ESPN
    • Reordered and updated "The Second Line"
    • Added Merriam-Webster's dictionary
    • Updated and made a couple changes to the main links
    • Removed bottom dead-box, which I don't think any of us used
    • Added "community-count" box, which shows how many people (I know about) use this site.
    • Switched backdrop for news and music boxes
    • Updated the music/lyrics section and removed Upaya dead link

    More updates are coming, as I am now paying to maintain the site.
    My philosophy while maintaining this site is to keep it as simple and useful as possible.

    If you have any further suggestions, ideas, comments, criticisms, or anything at all regarding this site,
    please e-mail me at: Justin@BestHomepageEver.com

    For those of you who do not know how to switch your homepage, follow these 3 simple steps:

    • Click the tools tab at the top of your browser
    • Scroll down to the bottom - Internet Options
    • In the homepage box, either copy-paste or type in: https://besthomepageever.com

    August 11, 2003

    This website is moving soon. I will be copying the site over to another URL by the weekend. A new (and hopefully more improved) look will come shortly. Enjoy. (p.s. the latest title picture is of Pacific Beach, CA.)

    June 12, 2003

    More pictures have been added to the pictures page; Main picture changed.. I kind of want a dog.. Pearl Jam show was awesome, wish I had pictures.. fixed a link, but music section is a disaster and out of date.. Gotta do something about that.. anyway, those are some thoughts..

    May 13, 2003

    I'm constantly trying to make this website more useful for all of us who use it (7-9+ people or so). So if there's a website that you regularly visit that you'd like posted on here, I can easily find a place for it. Please e-mail me any requests that you have.

    This week I've finally figured out how to post pictures on the site, so if you check out the pictures page, you'll find a few of the initial categories (trips & places) I've taken pictures. There will be more to come, as I have about 300 pictures that are probably worth posting - that I will eventually get to (assuming I have no limit on this server). Either way, I think it brings life to the site. If you use this homepage and you're reading this, eventually you'll find yourself in some of those pictures.

    Anyway, enjoy the improvements; and like I said, please feel free to e-mail me any requests or comments. carverjustin@hotmail.com - Thanks!

    May 2, 2003

    Second of two finalists for new background (2003). "Sandy-Black Marble" If you have an opinion on one of the two, e-mail me or tell me. I might actually introduce a third background as well. If not soon, then definitely for the 2004 changeover.

    March 15, 2003

    Well, after about an hour of time spent looking for different backgrounds for the webpage, I came across two that I thought were very worthy of my "best homepage ever." The first which I call "green webs" is drastic, but extremely well done. The second is more settle, but also one of my favorites. This, will come in April.

    As far as news goes, I completely wiped out the gaming links and replaced it with the most popular banks in the U.S. so that people can quickly link to their bank for any online transactions.

    For any of you who currently don't bank online, this will be readily available and more accessible. I highly recommend online banking, as it saves a crap load of paper (I live in Eugene, after all. Recycling has become a part of my life..:)

    No, just kidding, but everybody should at least recycle about 1/4 of the crap they consume, in my opinion. Well, hope all who use this homepage enjoy the new background. PLEASE!, e-mail me with your comments after I release the second background, as I will pick the more popular of the two.. .

    November 11, 2002

    Nothing major; although the Angels won the world series!! I guess that's major. I knew it!! Look below..:)

    October 11, 2002

    Here you go, Kris. Finally made the update from over a year ago. The background is a bit different..., and I am looking for a new one to replace both. Go ducks tomorrow! Big game against UCLA! Also, right now I'm sayin' that the Angels are going to win the world series..., so when I'm right in two weeks, my prediction was set in writing. Cool, well, hopefully everybody enjoys the changes.. some of which definitely needed it..:) ..J

    July 9, 2001

    I made a few new changes this month.. First off, and most obvious, I changed the background. If it grows on me, I'll keep it, otherwise I may change it back at the end of the summer. Anyway, I updated 'the links' and I strongly recommend checking out Half.com- Cheap prices on a lot of new and used products such as DVD's, VHS, CD's, and other miscellaneous stuff.

    Other than that, hopefully you all will enjoy the summer. Oh, and also, Napster sucks now because they've been sued by several different companies and bands, so check out Aimster.com, which is a great replacement..! Not only can you pick up music, but other misc. files are available too.. Anyway, take it easy.. cya next month..jC

    June 17, 2001

    Two additions: New passport sign-in for MSN/Hotmail users, and a new background for the summer. Enjoy! More to come this summer

    June 5, 2001

    Got rid of the banner at the bottom until I can find something worthwhile to replace it (Since Iexchange went under). I'm going to leave the investing page up, but it won't be updated often. (probably once a quarter).

    Can't wait for the summer. It should be a fun one for many of us. Hopefully LBDAS will go on tour soon. Anyway, gotta go to bed now. -good night

    April 17, 2001

    Today, I added the investing page. However, I'm only starting out with 3 stocks while we wait and hope for a bull market. Hopefully, the Fed will once again lower interest rates, and the HK market will see some improvements over the next month. Either way, the new page is up.

    Throughout this and next week, I will be watching and tracking new stocks as well as trying to improve upon this very simple page. Eventually, you will be able to click on the companies to see MSN graphs and charts, along with short reports. But until then, let's just track $100,000 and see where the future of the economy leads us.

    P.S. For those of you who have noticed, Iexchange has completely shut down. No more Iexchange

    March 11, 2001

    Changed a lot of out-of-date details on the page. Added new site of the month, fixed up that section, and added Movie listings near the top... Plus, Andrew, I finally switched to PGAtour.com to replace pga. I thought that might come in handy for Wallstreet. Also, check out Upaya's page linked in the music selection. That's about the only music update..

    May be till late April for the next update. Spring Break!!

    February 6, 2001

    Today I made the final touches on several aspects to the page.. As mentioned below, Wallstreetsports is new, so I replaced a few links to help easily get news on sports. Also, weather is now available (see top-right hand corner of page). I finally found a group of links I like (for February anyway).

    Be sure to check out my Iexchange Portfolio, and click on a couple reports. I plan on adding an investment page here as well. Enjoy.

    February 1, 2001

    $$ *NEW ADDITION* $$

    Wallstreetsports is a free site where you're given one million dollars to invest in athletes, teams, divisions, leagues, etc.!! You basically compete with other teams and individuals for prizes and cash which is given away monthly, quarterly, and annually.

    I started a team today for everybody reading this to join. We'll all compete as a team (Oregon_Sports) So, if you feel like investing in NHL, NBA, PGA, NASCAR, NCAA, MLB, NFL, etc. check this site out: Wallstreetsports


    League Name: Oregon_Sports

    League ID: 68098

    League Commissioner: Justin Carver (jc_oregon)

    League Password: simple

    Please check this out.. the website has all the details.

    Good luck, and I'll see you on there...

    P.S. This doesn't cost a penny to play

    January 23, 2001

    1). Updated and changed about 10 links.. 2). Replaced all Gaming sites with Computer troubleshooting sites.. 3). Reduced and changed fonts.. 4). Improved Load time.. 5). Reduced number of links.. (still working on this).. 6). Rearranged a few things.. nothing major...I'm trying to make things look better..........If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me at carverjustin@hotmail.com.... I'm trying to suit everybody's needs that use this as their homepage!! Enjoy. -jC

    January 15, 2001

    Off to a new year.. I've changed the appearance, pictures, chart colors, and several links. Age of Empires has been added as a new column. I am working on replacing some of the fewer used links with more useful ones. Especially "Quick Links" U-lane-O CU has been added, as well as Uoregon.edu (my school)

    May 8, 2000

    Today, I added a couple links and updated the Site of the month. Also, fixed a non-working link and made this page load faster. Once again, switched up a couple fonts..still trying to improve the looks one day at a time. Enjoy.

    May 1, 2000

    Made some improvements since last month. Actually removed a lot of (what I thought was) unnecessary stuff here and there. I updated as well as added several links & threw in easy access to several search engines. Watch for a few additional improvements very soon (e.g.SiteofTheMonth).

    April 13, 2000

    Finally made some significant changes to the page this week. Added some more Phish & Bob Marley lyrics. I also dropped a couple seconds off the load time. Please feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what you think Enjoy.

    April 4, 2000

    Picked up some new backgrounds and I'm playing around with some of the new looks to VN HOME. I changed the backgrounds of my affiliate page and and still looking at some other alternatives for the pictures page. So look for some new and improved looks coming soon.

    March 12, 2000

    I just added several graphics from freegraphics.com and also updated several screwed up links.

    February 18, 2000

    Well, now the links section is totally revised into a table format. Plus, my Top 10 lists are complete and have made some changes to that. If you have any comments or ideas on some future additions, e-mail me at VirrjNutcase@yahoo.com .

    February 1, 2000

    I am working on some game reviews which will be available some time in the future. My website is brand new so bare with all the crap that doesn't work properly. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Thanks, and enjoy.