Browse Quicker & More Efficiently

  • Check the weather while e-mailing a friend.
  • Look up movie times while chatting on Facebook.
  • Shop Amazon while comparing Craigslist posts.
  • Research a stock while reading the news

The more you make the homepage work for you, the quicker and more efficiently you will be able to browse the web. Below, here are suggestions for making the homepage work more efficiently for you.


  • Make sure that BestHomepageEver is set up as both your homepage and as your 'new tab' page.

    Note In my experience, using BestHomepageEver as your 'New Tab' page is the most efficient way to browse.

  • For more information on how to set up BHE as your homepage or tab page, you can click on Make this my homepage button at top-left of the homepage. Or visit set as homepage reference.

Best Practices

Once this setup is complete, having each 'New Tab' jump to BestHomepageEver allows you to easiliy multitask and bounce back-and-forth between all the websites you use on a regular basis.

If you are only using BestHomepageEver as a homepage, and nothing else, then give this a shot, as the ability to multitask through the BestHomepageEver portal will speed up your browsing experience.

You can choose how site links open up by selecting the customization options in the top-right portion of the page. Look for Customize or sign. This will help automate all of the uses mentioned above.

Tips and Tricks

Did You Know?

  • Ever wanted to know where the panoramic picture was taken? You can easily view the location by simply clicking on the picture itself.

  • Jump to your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc) by hitting ENTER upon BestHomepageEver load. You can also click the green search icon.
  • Need quick access to Wikipedia? Click on the picture!
  • Sick of the same background? Change it! Click the (or Customize button) in top-right.