Tips and Tricks

Best Homepage Ever is all about allowing you quick access to all of your favorite sites. Plus, it gives you the ability to multi-task.

  • Check the weather while e-mailing a friend.
  • Look up movie times while chatting on Facebook.
  • Shop Amazon while comparing Craigslist posts.
  • Research a stock while reading the news
  • .... etc.

Tips for Using the Homepage for Smarter Browsing:


Set Best Homepage Ever as your browser's homepage.


Add the homepage icon to your browser's toolbar.


Set the homepage as your browser's New Tab page.

How to change your homepage

This part is super easy (but important!).. For instructions, simply click the button on the top-left portion of Best Homepage Ever.

How to add the homepage icon

Edge Users:

  • Click the 3-dotted More Actions menu (), then click Settings.
  • Scroll down and click View Advanced Settings
  • Enable the Show the home button, toggle ()

Chrome Users:

  • Click settings button, (), then click Settings.
  • In top search bar, type Home.
  • Look for Show home button, then make sure toggle ()is enabled.

Internet Explorer, Firefox Users:

  • Home icon should appear by default.
    As things change, if you do not see it, search Google for 'display home button on firefox' (or Internet Explorer)

Updating 'My New Tab' page

This one is simple. I've created a browser add-on for Firefox and Chrome. All others, see note below.

Firefox and Chrome users:

Note: For Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge users, you will want to set this up in your browser settings. More info can be found here (IE), or here (Edge) users.

Homepage Convenience Tricks

Panoramic Location

Ever wanted to know where the panoramic picture was taken? You can easily view the location by simply clicking on the picture itself.

Change Background

Sick of the same background? Change it! Click the settings sidebar ()
Note: You must be logged in to make changes and save backgrounds..

Jump-To Search Engine

Jump to your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc) by hitting ENTER after homepage loads. You can also click the green search icon.


Need quick access to Wikipedia? Click on the panoramic picture!