Add Homepage to New Tab

Allow quicker access to your favorite websites when you open a new browser tab.

Ever wish you had a better new tab page? Now you do.

The following browser extensions allow you to open up your homepage when opening a new tab.

Installation takes about 20 seconds, and all of these are available for free.

Screenshot of Best Homepage Ever

Choose your browser:
Edge Users:

Edge Extension


Note: Once installed, you will need to .

Since Microsoft doesn't like you changing your tab page from their own, you will receive this notice.

To easily fix this, you just need to turn on the extension in your settings.

1. Click settings () in upper-right part of browser.

2. Click extensions, then hit toggle button to activate.

Chrome Users:

Chrome Extension


Firefox Users:

Firefox Add-On


Safari / Mac Users:

No extension needed. Click button for instructions.

Step 1. Open Safari Preferences.

Step 2. Then match the following settings:

What is a new tab page?

All modern day browsers have a new tab feature, that allows you to quickly open up a new webpage while in your browser window.This convenient option is here to stay. However, most browsers are set to open up their own company website.

But do you always want to visit the same corporate page repeatedly? Why not have access to ALL the best websites? This is where I've come up with the idea of using the homepage as your new tab page.

Using the above extensions will override the default for your browser, allowing you quicker access to many more sites in one place.

open new tab in browser

Why set your homepage as a new tab page?

Convenience: The average person visits about 89 different sites in any given month. So, for for those of you who browse to several different sites while using the Internet, this one is easy.

Speed: Another advantage of accessing all of the best sites on your new tab page is it's quicker to click a button that to type out a full web address. Give it a try, and see what you think!

Multitasking: Quickly jump to Ticketmaster while checking the weather. Shop Amazon while viewing sports scores. By using Best Homepage Ever, it's easier than ever to have your homepage be your anchor while browing online.