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Homepage History

My inspiration for this website began as I was tasked with creating a webpage for a Computer Science class at the University of Oregon. A lightbulb went off: Why not create something that's not only functional, but better yet be kind of fun and useful for people?

So, I began to create a real basic page that contained all of the sites my friends and family use on a dailiy basis. As you can see from this screenshot from 2004 (even 4 years later), it was pretty basic!

Regardless, and as time passed, my inspiration grew, especially after seeing the page used by university students that didn't know me. At that point, I then committed myself to the upkeep of the site, and making improvements along the way.

Nearly 20 years later, thousands of people now use the site, from all parts of the US and globe. I'm so thankful and happy to share this site with you, and hopefully make your browsing experience a bit easier and more pleasureable.

Thanks for using Best Homepage Ever!

Justin Carver

Owner, Designer
- Justin Carver