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Dictionary Added to Search

Quickly define a word via the new dictionary option under the search dropdown menu. Simple, quick, and easy!


Translation Added

Translation services added to Internet Tools. Now you can quickly and easily translate emails, articles, documents, etc, with the help from Google and the homepage, all in 1-click.

New Home for UK users

Those of you living in the UK, you can now also save your settings, add your own sites, and more. See Best Homepage UK for a more personalized page.

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes

I've made a few improvements so that your iPad or tablet (and other smaller screen devices) will display the homepage nicely.

Also, the logo has been touched up, and a few cosmetic improvements have been made in the MyLinks and Login areas.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Last post of the year here.. Here's to a healthy and enjoyable 2019 for all of you!!

Internet Tools

I've added Bitly and TinyPNG into a new 'Internet Tools' section to the right of the news. With this addition, comes another useful tool, which is a quick way to test your Internet connection speed. These 3 tools (with more likely to come) are just a click away! Also, a snow report has been added since most of the USA is getting snowed on this week. I'll likely keep the snow report link live through the Winter. Enjoy!

Help for California Wildfires Victims/Efforts

If you'd like to help with the relief efforts for those impacted by the latest surge of wildfires here in California, visit the American Red Cross to either donate or see about how you can help.

Alternatively, here is a full list of available organizations who help in different ways.

Vudu added to Streaming Area

For those who aren't familiar with VUDU, it's a website/app with thousands of movies and TV shows for watching on demand. I like them due to all of their 4K ultra high-definition options. Anyway, if you're at your computer and wish to stream a movie, you're just one-click away! Enjoy.

Summertime at BHE

Hope everybody has had a great summer so far! Just a quick update that has been added to the homepage's news section.

Memorial Day Weekend

A quick note to wish you all a safe and pleasant Memorial Day weekend.

Small Additions

Just a quick post here- I've added Google Calendar and Playstation Vue to the page. For those who aren't familiar with Playstation Vue, this is arguably the best streaming service on the Internet. I have been a "cord cutter" for several years now, and feel like this is the best cable TV replacement service. Just another way to save money but still keep all the content you enjoy.

Note: You do not need a Playstation for this service.

That's it! Enjoy the quick access to these frequented sites.

Framework Updated

As per my last post, Best Homepage Ever has now been successfully updated with the new Bootstrap framework. If you notice any errors or bugs, you can write me at

With this update, you will start to notice some improvements in the following weeks!

Site Improvements Coming!

Enhancements to the homepage will be rolling out over the next few months. However, first things first.. in order to make sure everything will look and behave smoothly, it's not a bad idea to make sure your browser isn't out-of-date, as older versions may have bugs.

NOTE: Most browsers upgrade automatically, but you may want to check your browser's version just to be safe.

Check my browser version

Download Link
if necessary
Chrome 45+ Upgrade Chrome
Internet Explorer 10+ Upgrade Explorer
Safari 9+ Upgrade Safari
Firefox 38+ Upgrade Firefox
Microsoft Edge 12+ Upgrade Edge

I will begin by upgrading the framework coding, bootstrap, to version 4.1.0 in early May. The changes to the homepage will be settle, but will allow features to behave seamlessly, and for the homepage to behave bug-free.

More Panoramic Pictures Live!

Just a quick update: More panoramic pictures have been added to the pool of photos. I will continue to discover, crop, and upload more pictures in the weeks ahead.

Speedier Internet

It's been a while since I've posted on my BHE news blog. And for those who have e-mailed me with questions, I apologize for slow responses. I've been very busy lately with my work, and starting a new company.

Anyway, today I've come across a quick and easy way to speed up your Internet. I know.. I know.. It's not often that you come across ACTUAL easy ways to do this (without spending more money), but today my friend Joe told me about

The next time you're home and have a few minutes, be sure to read this article from Techcrunch, which guides you through the quick and easy (and FREE) process of switching your DNS settings. Personally, I did this using my Asus router and have been happy about the results.

You can also do this with your individual device settings (iPhone, Computer, Laptop, etc).

I'm sharing this because hopefully this helps speed up BestHomepageEver even more than before!

Thanks TechCrunch, thanks Joe, and thanks Cloudfare.

Firefox Add-On Updated

Firefox Users: The Homepage New Tab Quick Launch, allowing you to quickly open Best Homepage Ever as your New Tab page, has been updated to be compatible with Firefox Quantum release.


Looking forward to continue building and improving Best Homepage Ever for all of you to enjoy. More improvements are around the corner. Thanks to all of your feedback!

Happy Thanksgiving USA

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving this week. Hopefully you find time to see and enjoy your family and friends. YOLO (You only live once!), so make the best of it.

Mozilla Firefox Add-On

Firefox just released their latest version (Quantum), which seems to have compatibility issues with users and their preferred 'New Tab' page.

The Add-on I've created is currently being updated, so that you will once again be able to enjoy the homepage as your New Tab page as well.

Thanks for your patience.

Thankful, Excited!

Thanks for the excellent feedback from those who have written me. I am still working on improvements for 2018, and am proud to see there have been over 1.3 million (repeat) users to have visited the homepage this year, among the 8.4 million visits. I promise to do my best to constantly improve your homepage, as always.

Webby Awards

I'm pleased to announce Best Homepage Ever has been officially entered into the Webby Awards, for Best Home/Start Page online. This would be an incredible honor to be selected, so fingers crossed.

More links...

As per my last blog post below, I have expanded a few of the categories listed on the homepage. This will allow more than 4 links to be listed in a few of the popular categories. These can, and will, be modified over time. But, for now, enjoy and explore the new links!

Expanded Category Links

*Coming Soon*

I will soon be allowing a few more sites to be added into each category. It has taken me a while to figure out a good method in adding additional sites without over-cluttering the homepage.. but in just a couple of days, you will see the updated changes. Stay tuned!

Cloud Storage Added

Whichever cloud service you use or prefer, you can now access it from the homepage in a single click!

I've added Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and iCloud, to the bottom right portion of homepage.

Homepage Settings Sidebar

It is now easier than ever to switch your custom settings. Look for the white pull-out sidebar on the right part of the homepage. See below.
(account required)

Here, you have quick and easy access to switch backgrounds, fonts, and site linking options. Everything is saved automatically on-the-fly.

'Custom Website' additions can still be found in the Account Menu dropdown at the top right.

homepage settings sidebar




Custom Links 'Hoverable'

Your custom site links are now 1-click away (rather than 2). The dropdown menu to access your own custom website links on the homepage can be activated by hovering your mouse over the menu.

White Background

Many of you last week briefly experienced a white background. This was due to one of my programmers making a mistake and failing to test the site before launching updates.

I apologize for the temporary "white out". After the 1/2 day outage, everything is working nicely again.

*MAJOR UPDATE* - Custom Websites

You can now add your own websites to Best Homepage Ever!

If you do not already have your own account, create one here. Once that is done, you will see a new dropdown menu on right part of homepage.

Websites can then be added, removed, and edited by using the Custom Links tab of the Homepage Settings section of the Account Menu.

For website speed purposes, I have created 2 different account types: Standard and Links+. Standard accounts can add up to 2 custom websites. Links+ can add an additional 10.

If you want more than 2 custom websites, then please upgrade your account from Standard to Links+ on the My Account Menu, and choosing Links+

my best homepage ever account

Preview of links tab:

If you find any bugs, or have any issues, please view the FAQ section, or e-mail me.


Panoramics Added (#2)

More panoramic photos added to collection for you to enjoy!

Since the pictures rotate randomly, you'll just have to continue to use the homepage to see them over time:)

Homepage Logo Enlarged

Just a quick update - The homepage logo size has increased due to improved device resolutions.

User Suggestions

Thanks to all of you who continue to write with suggestions for sites and other improvements.

I am in the middle of about a 3-week project to activate 'Custom Links', so thank you for your patience!

Login Fix

Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users-

You won't need to login on each page load, as a "remember me" fix is coming.
Thanks for your patience.

*Update* Login working

Major Update / User Accounts Live

Several updates:

  1. User Accounts are now live.
    • You can now save your homepage settings in the account area after creating one. Only basic info is required, and it is not shared.
    • You can create an account here.
    • *UPDATE* Those who need to continuously login after browser restart, a fix is coming.
  2. BestHomepageEver is now SSL 256-bit secure.
    • Although not necessary, you may want to update your browser settings to reflect instead of
    • If any of you link to BestHomepageEver from your own personal websites, please update the link to 'https'.
  3. I've began improving fonts. More are on the way.
  4. My Account added, which will allow more customization in the future.
  5. Privacy Policy Updated
  6. Info/Help added for IE users receiving 'Only secure content displayed' message. See Homepage FAQ for more info.

More improvements on the way in the coming weeks.

Lastly, thanks to those who voted for BHE on top ten homepages list. If you still haven't voted, please take 2 seconds to do so. You can vote once per week!

It's 3:30am here in San Diego. I'm off to bed:)

User Accounts

I'm excited to announce the imminent launch of user accounts and the ability to save your own custom settings.

I will be activating this the first week of May.

With this advancement, we can eliminate the need for cookies, which for most people, only stores settings temporariliy. And, for some of you, does not work at all.

Going forward, you will have the ability to create an account (quickly and easily of course), and be able to store your favorite background, font, how you like links to open, and how you want the links to appear (logos vs classic).

Many of these settings have been available through cookies recently, however this will allow you to save your settings for as long as you want.

Further, and more importantly, we will have the ability to release more advanced customization settings in the near future.

More info to follow soon..

Panoramic Pictures Added

Just added 25% more panoramic pictures today, for your viewing enjoyment.

As always, they will cycle through automatically on each page load.

And, as a reminder, if you want to know where the picture was taken, most are clickable, which will take you to their respective Wikipedia pages.


Firefox Add-On Available

Firefox Users: Try out my new add-on, now available!

And, don't forget, if you're a Google Chrome user, you can still add my New Tab Quicklaunch extension:

Both of these will help speed up your browsing experience, as mentioned in my Tips and Tricks section.

Dog Friendly Food

Are you a dog owner? Visit my other NEW site, just launched.

Dog Friendly Food helps dog owners find health advice, toys, products, and food information for the well-being of your dog.

More Improvements

Improvements have begun, and bigger, more exciting updates are on the way.

Early improvements are:

  • Toggle Switch replacing radio buttons, for Logos vs. Classic preview
  • Quick Pop-Ups for Media, Payment, and Banking area are now expanded and include colors/logos.
  • Improved Quick Timer, now including hours
  • Separated 'Settings & Preferences' for quicker access
  • Google Maps logo updated

More improvements are on the way, with the help of a new contributor, Alex Burk, who is now leading the work on "My Account" creation and themes, which will lead to more customized features for you all in the coming months.


Search Bar Addition

Update to Search bar: If the search bar is blank (no keywords entered), you will be taken to your default search engine page (Google, Yahoo, etc), by simply hitting 'ENTER' or clicking the green search button .

Google Chrome Extension

If you currently use Google Chrome, please check out the BestHomepageEver quick launch extension.

This lite extension allows for your New Tab page to open up the homepage automatically, speeding up browsing the Internet, checking e-mail, news, etc.

I am currently working on a Firefox extension as well, so look for that to show up shortly.


Minor Update link fixed.

Best Homepage (UK) Update

I have finally completed a major update for Best Homepage (UK). Now, both BestHomepageEver (USA) and BestHomepage (UK) are in sync with all of their customization features. More is on the way for both sites.

Also, I just want to say thank you for a wonderful 2016. I look forward to improving the site once again for another year.

Improved Banking Section

Thanks to user suggestion: Banking area now includes brokerages and includes USAA bank.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Improved Tablet Version

Major Update to tablet version of BestHomepageEver launched. If you have a iPad or Fire HD tablet, give the homepage a try!


Looking forward to 2017, I am excited to bring us all more improvements; including an improved tablet version of BHE, re-sizeable link categories, the ability to add custom links, and a generally a more in-depth customization experience for Best Homepage Ever. I hope you all enjoy your upcoming holidays, and look forward to an excellent 2017.

Balanced News

Over the last month, I've been inundated with requests for certain news sources or for more 'balanced' news section. I presume these requests are due to the political climate we've experienced over the last few months, because the requests for sites in other categories and far and few between in comparison.

Anyway, I just want everybody reading this to know that my intention of this website is to add websites that are popular and widespread. I do not have any political agenda, nor do I weigh websites based on their point-of-view. The news sources listed are read on a nationwide basis, and I hope nobody is offended by any of them, (or think that I am strategically adding certain sites). I'm not. Truthfully, I'm not a political person.

Anyway, that's it. Thanks, and enjoy.

Location Settings

Recently, I've been receiving a lot of e-mails regarding location settings and options.

If your local weather or local settings on various websites are not "local" at all, then the location is likely coming from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) location. Unfortunately, this is common and impossible to fix.

My best advice is to make sure you stay logged in on whatever site you are using, and that you set up any customization options pertaining to that site.

For example, for local showtimes in Yahoo Movies, manually set up your favorite theatres, then stay logged in.

You can read more information on the Homepage FAQ page.

Back from vacation

Minor Fix:

Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster have been separated into 2 links in the TV/Movies section.

This link was broken due to the website splitting into 2 separate websites. Sorry about the inconvenience, but all is fixed.

Minor Fall Update

  • Hope you enjoyed the summer!
  • NPR added to news section, thanks to user request.
  • BestHomepageEver France coming soon! (Nov 2016)
  • Various BestHomepage (UK) updates made.

You Choose: Logos or Images

The homepage is now more customizable than ever!

I'm very excited about this update.. All the links on BHE are now offered in either classic text links or the new, logo links.

Whatever your preference, you can choose and save in the Customize() section at the top-right.

Don't forget you can customize your background, fonts, and texture!

Thank you for your patience. More is on the way!

Feel free to just drop me a line at

Vote for BHE!

If you have a moment, and like the homepage, please vote for it here as being the best homepage. I have a serious suspicion that many other sites on the list are stuffing the ballot box, so your vote is appreciated to help combat that behavior in all fairness.*

*Votes are permitted once a week.

Anyway, thank you, and enjoy your day!

Happy Summer

So far, as always, it's been a very busy summer. Hope you all are enjoying yourselves, and I just wanted to say thanks for using BestHomepageEver user!

I have received e-mails from many of you over the last 3-4 weeks, and I appreciate the feedback. I have a couple of things that I am currently working on for the homepage that I can't wait to share in the near future.

Customization updates

You can now choose from a wide array of different fonts for the homepage, all within the customization menu at top-right. Additionally, you can also choose how you prefer websites to load - by either opening up in the same window, or in a new tab/window.

Tip: You can always manually open up links in a new window by holding down SHIFT while left-clicking OR, you can open up in a new tab by holding down CTRL button.

Your browser settings can be modified to change the way pages open. So, if you have any issues, please check your browser settings.


Link/Site Changes

I have been, and will continue with, gradually removing some of the least popular links used on BestHomepageEver, and replace them with more popular sites. I won't be making any drastic changes, but you may see a few small changes here in there over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Share with a Friend

Quick update here: If you enjoy using this page, and are sick of advertisements from MSN and Yahoo, or like myself just want quick access to a lot of many useful sites, please take a minute to share this site with others. You can use the "Share with a Friend" tools at the bottom left, or simply tell them about it! Thanks for your support.

News Expansion

Updated news section to offer both national and international news. Also, with the upcoming U.S. elections, I also added FactCheck. This will likely be removed after the elections are over.

Quick Selectors

With the addition of a couple more quick selectors for Media Streaming and Banking, I was able to further streamline the look of the bottom sections. To activate the quick selectors, just hover over the links.

This allows for more options as well! Enjoy.


Background Selection

You can now select your own background. Select the Customization Tools button at the top right portion of the homepage to choose and save from 16 different backgrounds in 3 different varieties (48 different combinations).

I plan on releasing more backgrounds in the near future.

Also, if you prefer to keep the background rotation as your preference, you can easily choose to do so by hitting the "cycle automatically" button.

Note: Cookies must be allowed or enabled in your browser settings.

UPDATE: I'm not sure that the button was very obvious to all, so I changed this to simply say backgrounds. This may be changed back when I add more customization options.

E-mail Quicklaunch

If you are like most people who use the e-mail links on the page, they did not disappear. Simply hover over the mail picture to active the e-mail quick launch feature.


Quicker Load Times

BestHomepageEver is now loading much, much faster.

Thanks to, the page is rated 'A' and is loading in ~ 1.3 seconds, on average.

This is just one more enhancement to make your browsing experience quicker and more efficient.


Weather and New Links Added

Washington Post and Citibank have been added, as well as your current weather (top-right). I will continue to be making small improvements over the next week.


Localization Coming (Real) Soon!

I have nearly finished "Phase I" of a long-term project to make BestHomepageEver more customized to your liking.

In 3-5 days, when you open up BestHomepageEver, you will be prompted with "This website wants to know your location." Agree to allow this.

By doing so, the first thing you'll notice is custom weather listed on the homepage, with more localized options coming soon.

If you are concerned about your privacy, just know that I do not and will not ever track you. I am an individual, not a company. So, fear not, this is only to provide a customized homepage that will display local weather.

You can also deny or not accept this prompt, and continue to use the homepage normally.

More customization options will continue to roll out, and I'm excited for this initial launch and look forward to continuing to improve the page all throughout 2016.

Thanks and enjoy! -Justin

New Logo!

Thanks to 99Designs, and the artistry work of mbah_kromo, BestHomepageEver, after 15 years, finally has a new logo. Special thanks to the 15+ designers who contributed their artwork.

Hopefully you all enjoy the new look, as the last "home" icon was simply clipart, so I'm thrilled to have finally upgraded after all this time.

Advanced Search Bar

New advanced search bar allows you to choose your preferred search engine. Bing, Google, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo are all available now each time you search.

Additionally, your preferred search engine will now be remembered via your browser's cookies, so your selection will be remembered going forward with each search.


Note: If you are experiencing technical issues, you may need to upgrade your browser or make sure Javascript is enabled on your browser.

New Logo!

Thanks to 99Designs, and the artistry work of mbah_kromo, BestHomepageEver, after 15 years, finally has a new logo. Special thanks to the 15+ designers who contributed their artwork.

Hopefully you all enjoy the new look, as the last "home" icon was simply clipart, so I'm thrilled to have finally upgraded after all this time.

More Pictures Added

Second batch of panoramic pictures have been successfully loaded.

Pictures Have Arrived!

All new Panoramic images are now live. There are 70 in total, with a second batch on the way. Hope you enjoy the larger format, and new pictures.

Before / After

Note: Pictures are clickable, if you'd like to see where they were taken or other relevant information.

More tips can be found on our tips and tricks page.

New, larger, Panoramic Pictures coming...

The days of 780x130 photographs are coming to a close. This is a good thing, as most of you, by now, have better monitors allowing for more wide-screen browsing.

I'm now at the homestretch of my project of collecting, cropping, sourcing, and uploading an all new batch of photographs to appear on your homepage. These will be about 35% larger and be in higher resolution, so hopefully you will enjoy! August 6 is the date I'm shooting for on finishing this project.

I'm really hoping this helps the page pop, and is increasingly becoming more attractive as you begin your browsing experience.

Have a great weekend!

Windows 10 is on the way

With Windows 10 coming soon, be sure to learn how to setup your homepage. Windows 10 will include a new Microsoft browser called Edge, so I've updated the homepage set area for this new browser.

News Page Updated

This page has been completely re-coded and enhanced. The News Archive was designed and coded in the Internet's early days, so I hope you enjoy the new look.

Server Upgrade

If anybody experienced any issues in the late hours of December 17/18, I had to upgrade the host server.

The good news is this will increase the capacity of traffic for BestHomepageEver, and likely increase the load speed for you all. I apologize if you experienced any temporary "blackouts". This upgrade was needed and long overdue. Now, your load success will once again be 99.99%.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to you all.

News Section Expansion

The news section has been expanded, so that you have access to more national and worldwide news, including financial.

Pictures Added

200 New Pictures added to your homepage.. now over 1 million combinations of backgrounds/pics!

Mobile Compatibility

BestHomepageEver is now more mobile than ever!

Take a look on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device(s). The links and appearance of the site will adjust automatically. I will have instructions on how to set BHE as your homepage on these devices in the next 48 hours. Additionally, you'll notice several graphic enhancements, with more to come.

If you see any oddities within the page, try to refresh your browser (clicking 'F5' is easiest). Otherwise, if you have an older browser, IE 8.0 or earlier, then it may be time to upgrade.

Also, new panoramic photos are being loaded all throughout the week.

Google Shortcut

Helpful Tip: If you wish to visit immediately upon page load, you can simply click the ENTER key.

Shortcut to Bookmarking

Remember to Bookmark (CTRL+D -OR- CMD+D), or at least add to your browser's tabs for quick access.

Mobile Launch (Beta)

BestHomepageEver has been completely re-coded from the ground up, now with mobile/tablet functionality.

Underneath the hood, I have cleaned up everything, so I hope you all can start seeing an improvement on whatever Smartphone you use. Essentially, all smartphones will have BestHomepageEver (Lite), with fewer links in the Best Of.. section

And, if you use an iPhone, you can now quickly add BHE to your homescreen.

Twitter Launch

Now BestHomepageEver is live on Twitter.

Page Length

I have further consolidated the page in length so that the Google button is now embedded into the search-bar automatically.

Major Milestone on Hits has now reached a milestone - 10,000,000 unique page loads*!

*since 2006, the first year data was recorded

Backgrounds and Images Added

LOTS of new pictures and backgrounds added to the homepage today! Look to see more textures, and, hopefully some of your own panoramic pictures! (thanks to those who uploaded them to me!)