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This page is dedicated to helping you make the most out of Best Homepage Ever.

Understanding the layout and features of your homepage

Homepage Overview

Main Menu

Navigate within Best Homepage Ever's pages

Homepage updates, background music, privacy policy, help

Access Menu

Accessible even when launchbar is hidden.

  • Settings, Adding Websites, Backgrounds

Organize your websites by category.

  • Sites are now categorized automatically as you add them in the toolbar.
  • Allows you to rearrange websites.

TIP: This can be hidden in settings.


The website launcher!

  • Add, edit, move, or remove websites.
  • Right-Click menu available on websites New!
  • Change website icons, rearrange sites, or edit URL/Site Name

  • Adding Websites: Add sites by using the access menu or right-click on homepage.
My Account

Access your account details.

  • Edit your login details
  • Create tickets to get direct assistance
  • Provide feedback
Post-it / Stickies

Make quick notes to yourself.

  • Unlimited tabs can be made.

TIP: If you use multiple devices or browsers, you'll need to save your notes to access them cross-device.

sticky post-it note on Best Homepage Ever
Save button
Live News

Up-to-the-minute news, pulled from several news organizations.

  • Live News feed for Sports, Entertainment, Business, and Headline News.

TIP: You can use DOWN/UP arrow keys ( )on your keyboard to access news instantly from your homepage.


Allows full customization of your homepage appearance.

  • Select a background, show or hide any features (footer, search, clock, etc) instantly.
  • Choose your preferred search engine
  • Change website icon sizes
  • Show/Hide the clock

TIP: You can access the settings by also right-clicking on the homepage, or through the access menu.


Instantly search the Internet

  • Google, Bing, Brave, or DuckDuckGo
  • Add websites directly to your homepage from search results
    (Google+ Only).
Screenshot of Best Homepage Ever layout
The all new homepage design for 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although not required, you'll enjoy many additional features by creating a homepage account.

  • Saving your custom sites and settings to homepage's server
  • Allows for personal settings to be synced with other computers or browsers
  • Access to Homepage Support
  • Better homepage personalization

Creating an account is 100% free.

Logins from Best Homepage Ever Classic do not carry over to the main homepage. You will want to create a new account.

No problem! Go to Best Homepage Ever's login page, and click Forgot Password. From there, you can just enter your email, and follow the prompts.

If you share the homepage on a desktop computer with others in your family (which I do), I recommend using multiple web browsers or browser logins.

Each browser will remember your unique ID, which will in turn remember your own personal websites, settings, and background.

For Google Chrome, for example, you can choose to have a separate login for your browser (pictured here).

Depending on some browser settings, you may be logging out of websites automatically each time you close your browser. This is a somewhat common browser setting. So, be sure to check your browser settings (typically this is found in the privacy settings).

If this is not the case, it's possible you have a corrupt cookie. To solve this problem, clear your cookies. This will log you out of every site though, but once you login again, it should stay logged in.

BHE Classic is now located at

Click the button on your homepage.

Within this menu, you can add any custom website or choose from a list of popular websites across the Internet.

Simply hover of the icon of the website you wish to remove from launchbar, then click the red minus icon at the upper right.

removing a website from homepage launchbar

NOTE: If you cannot remove a website, then it is placed there by webmaster and may not be removed.

You can access your start page or homepage when opening up new tabs by using the Best Homepage Ever browser extensions.

They are available for free on the Open Homepage in New Tabs page.

Once you are logged in, click the settings button at the top right portion of the homepage. You can then choose to show or hide any of the many features that appear by default.

Yes. Right-click any of your websites to pull up the website menu. Select [ Rearrange Sites ].

right-click menu on best homepage ever

You can then drag and re-position your websites. Tap the green save button.

There is also a rearrange button () on the taskbar.

Yes, your own backgrounds can now be displayed on your homepage! Click the , and select Change Background.

Use the selection near the top to browse your computer for an image.

For best results:

Use images that are high definition, and widescreen.

16:9, 16:10, or 21:9 aspect ratio look best.

If your image is too large in size (>3mb), there is an image shrinking website within the homepage tools.

Option 1. If some of your icons appear odd, try to delete them, then re-add them.

Option 2. Still not fixed? Try signing out, doing a hard refresh of your browser's cache (CTRL + F5). Then signing back in.

Option 3. (persistent issue) If you still experience oddities, take note of your sites, and go to your account menu. Delete your account. Then, create a new account and add your websites back.

Need Help with a specific homepage issue?

You can now open a ticket for direct support! Just click support in your account menu.

Homepage Support
Account required.
Need one? Create an account.
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