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Best Homepage Ever is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month! Thanks to all of you.
collage of images of custom backgrounds

Backgrounds, A.I., News, and More!

This very exciting update has been months in the making.

Upload Your Own Backgrounds

You can now upload your own background images to your homepage. This can be found in the change background menu (also accessible in settings).

Large, wide format images work best.

Need help? See customization section of homepage help page.

Updated News (v2.0)

Access up-to-the-minute news from all categories and news organizations by either clicking the DOWN/UP ARROWS () on your keyboard or the green news arrow on the homepage.

news arrow on homepage CLICK ME FOR NEWS!!
Instant Access to A.I. Beta

Tap ChatGPT and all its A.I. capabilities within 1-click from your homepage! Click the chat button in the footer to converse with A.I. in seconds.

With Google (1-click login)

If you have a Google account, you can quickly use it to sign-in to Best Homepage Ever's login page. Logging in has never been this quick!

Homepage Travel Hub

Access all of the best travel websites on one webpage!

Having been a former travel agent, I've added (and will continue to add) websites that are useful for you to book vacations.

link to travel section of best homepage ever

You can access homepage travel by clicking on the airplane in the homepage footer (shown above), or simply going to

Enjoy 😊🌴
Useful Tools

The last 2 weeks, I spent a lot of time on ChatGPT (accessible in the Tools menu) constructing a few useful utility tools.

Homepage Tools

☝️ Check them out!


Addictive online games right from your homepage.

Minesweeper | Sudoku | Word Scramble | Wordle

Homepage Games

More will definitely be on the way. If you're on your phone, check out what is my elevation?

Profile Menu, Support, and Notificaton on Best Homepage Ever

Profiles, Support, & Notifications

New Profile Menu

Grab yourself a fun, colorful, or unique profile picture, and display it on your homepage. This can be found in your account menu.

Support System

If you are having any issues, want to provide feedback, or need help, you can now get direct assistance.

We will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours or so.

Helpful tip: Upload a screenshot to show any display errors, and we will have it fixed!

Notification Area

Any important updates or messages from us will appear in your notification area of your homepage.

  • You can also now show/hide news and access menu buttons
  • The BHE and Best Homepage Ever Classic servers are now separate, so performance has increased for both sites!
Search Options on Best Homepage Ever

New Search Engine Available

By choosing Google+ in settings, you can now get personalized and suggestive search results, in addition to adding websites directly to the homepage from the results page!

This is also a great option for those who are sometimes overwhelmed by the standard Google search results, which tend to have music videos, youtube results, and a bunch of categories listed.

If you are a new user or not logged in, this is now your default search option. You can switch your search engine anytime within the settings panel.

right click website menus

Right-Click Website Menus

Right-click a website to quickly edit the site name, URL, or color (color edits available for custom sites).

You can also rearrange your websites even if you don't have the toolbar displayed. So, this makes it extremely quick to move sites around.

search for websites to add to homepage

Search for Websites

When adding custom or provided popular sites, you can now search to find them. This can be found in the "Add Websites" area of site. I think you'll find this to be MUCH easier now to find or add websites.

Additional Updates
  • Brave Search Added
  • Background Categories
  • ChatGPT Added to Tools
  • Open Sites in New Tab (shortcut)
    Open any website in a new tab by clicking on a website with your mouse's wheel.

Thanksgiving Week Updates

November 21, 2022

Adding Multiple Websites (fixed!)

You can now add multiple custom websites, back-to-back-to-back-to-back, etc. If you had any issues with this before, those are gone.

Updated to Vuetify v3.0

Best Homepage Ever is now on a stable release of the Vuetify framework, leading to way fewer bugs in the future.

Easier to Add Sites

When choosing from the popular sites to add to your homepage, site names are always visible for easier selection.

See image above with Facebook, MSN, Wikipedia, etc, showing site names visible.


November 8, 2022

Homepage now updates your latest changes across all browsers/computers.

The site will now remember your most recent settings and websites across all of your browsers, computers, and devices.

I'm calling it SYNC, and it is LIVE.

It took quite a bit of work to get this feature up-and-running, so thanks for your patience.

Bug Fix (Firefox Users)

October 28, 2022

Icons Disappearing

Many of you experienced a bug where some of the icons disappeared. This should now be fixed.

Have a great weekend and Halloween everyone!

New Support System

September 8, 2022

Get in touch with me directly

If you need help or have questions or feedback for me, you can now do so! Simply choose Support / Feedback option from the My Account menu.

I'll do my best to return all messages within 1-2 working days.

Best Homepage Music

July 17, 2020 by Justin Carver

Introducing Music to the homepage.

Listen to music in the background on the new best homepage music page!

I have been wanting to add this for quite some time, so hopefully you guys enjoy it. More improvements will be made to the page, so look for those over time.

Have a great day.

New Categories

July 9, 2020 by Justin Carver

Introducing new categories and custom arrangement.

1) New Categories: You can now choose from up to 16 categories to display on your homepage, with new ones: Pets, Health, Art/Design, Programming (with more on the way).

You can swap out any of the site categories that you don't use, for any of these new ones, within the settings panel. See image below.

2) Organizing your categories: Drag and drop categories directly on the homepage. Simply click Reorder button, drag them, and click Done. This will automatically save.

Note: If you experience any category errors or behavior, simply clear your cache.

Enjoy the updates!

New Edge Browser Extension

June 28, 2020 by Justin Carver

New Edge browser extension live.

Instantly access your homepage whenever you open up a new tab. This saves from having to close your browser, then re-open it whenver you want to visit sites on the homepage.

Edge Extension


Note: Once installed, you will need to in your settings.

Since Microsoft doesn't like you changing your tab page from their own, you will receive this notice.

To easily fix this, you just need to turn on the extension in your settings.

1. Click settings () in upper-right part of browser.

2. Click extensions, then hit toggle button to activate.

That's it! You can now launch BestHomepageEver as your new tab page rather than the Microsoft default.

New Tab Extension

June 22, 2020 by Justin Carver

For those of you looking to add the New Tab extension to your browser, please check back soon, as I am having to update the privacy settings before it can be downloaded. I will update you all shortly as soon as it's approved by Google.

If you already use the extension, nothing is required.

Additionally, I am having an extension being made for all Edge browsers, which will be available within 48 hours.

Server Upgraded

502 errors are gone for good.

502 Server Errors Being Fixed

Many of you have been receiving 502 errors (looks like an "OOPS.." screen). I have hired somebody to help me fix this, so within a week or so, you shouldn't see those again. Thank you for your patience, as this has to do with the server.

Live News Launched

If you love the news, but hate advertisements, then try out the all new Live News page.

This page automatically updates by the minute, and pulls news from all around the world, from over 150 news organizations.

More sports news will be added next..

Major Update

Lots of updates over the last 2 weeks.

  • New Server for faster load times

    4X the resources, option to upgrade further

  • Settings Panel updated

    The new settings panel will continually be improving over the next few weeks.

  • MyLinks expansion, allowing you to add additional custom websites

    Now you can add 12 of your own websites, which are all sortable in your MyLinks settings.

  • Feedback form added

    Made it easier to provide feedback or report a bug.

Thank you for your continued support. Look for more updates coming soon.

Feedback Form

Feedback form added for BHE useres. If you would like to leave me feedback (fix a link, add a link, etc), then you can access it from your account dropdown menu. I'll do my best to implement any request within 48 hours. If you request a link, and it is not added, I appreciate your request, but it will need to be added to your MyLinks instead since I've decided not to add it to the main page.

New Server!

Everything is in working order on our new server!! The homepage has essentially quadrupled its resources, so it should be faster all around, including initial load times.

Thanks for your patience the last couple of days.. And special thanks to Kevin for helping with the migration.


Page Speed

After recent changes, many of you have noticed the slower load times (myself included).

To fix this, I will be upgrading the server tonight to a much faster one, with a completely new provider. Within 24-36 hours, all delays should be gone and the page speed should be quicker than before. Thanks for your patience.

Background Colors

To update/fix any background issues, make sure your cache is cleared out.

Once this is done, you should reload your browser, and click on the settings panel. Once there, you will see the following color selection, allowing you to select and save from any 1 of over 16 million combinations.

NOTE: You must be logged in to access this settings panel.

Speed and performance is now being enhanced, and will be live within a couple of days. Thanks for your patience.

Site Fixes / Updating

If you are experiencing delays or background changes, don't worry. I'm fixing all this now. Full background functionality will be live by Wednesday, April 22.

To improve site speed for the next 2 days or so, it's best to log out.

Thanks for your patience.

More Sites Being Added

Over the next 2 weeks, I will continue to add useful sites for you, as many categories can be expanded. The Useful Tools section has been enahanced, as well as more sites in all the main categories.

Finance Section Expanded

By clicking the +MORE button, you can expand the Finance category to view more tools and site options than ever!

Look for more category expansion in the near future.

Sites Added

2 Quick Updates:

1. Added ETF listings and an ETF screener to Finance category, courtesy of

2. Added 2 popular sites right now, during this Corona Virus quarantine: Zoom Video and TikTok. Those can both be found under Popular category.

For those who don't know what these websites are, check them out, as this is a great time and method to connect or share with others.


Corona Virus

In my extra time, I've listed my checklist of 7 things to do during Corona Virus quarantine. This is simply a fun article, and suggestive in nature. If you have extra time during this crisis, have a read.

This article and more, will appear in the Articles section of this and other backpages to Best Homepage Ever.

UPDATE: Improved background selection is on its way. I've been working with a developer this week, and anticipate these new features to be available sometime next week.

Category Cards

The links and their respective categories were due for a facelift, so the categories now have their own "cards." In the near future, you will be able to choose your own card colors, so be on the lookout for that update soon.

The links and websites are identical in all other ways - they are all in the same spot.

As a group, we all will have more functionality with these new categories (more customization features, colors, and the ability to click on categories to lead to other pages), so enjoy the update!

New Edge Browser Compatibility

I have added instructions for those of you wishing to update the homepage settings on the new Edge browser just launched.

You can find these instructions by clicking Make this my Homepage button at the top left of homepage.

Here is a link to the new Edge browser.

One benefit I've noticed is you can install Chrome extensions, including my FREE tool to automatically load homepage when you open a new tab, so give that a try. Otherwise, Microsoft will send you to Bing and MSN as their default tab page.

2019, it's a wrap!

A quick thank you to all those who continue to enjoy the homepage. I want to wish you all a fantastic end to your year and decade. We'll see you in 2020 with many more improvements, including an improved background selection tool, a "light-themed" homepage, and increased speeds.

Music Streaming Added

Music streaming services have been added.

Mobile Improvements

Although most users of the homepage are those of you on desktops and laptops, I've been focusing on improving the mobile version. Many more improvements are on the way.