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Conveniently organize all of your favorite websites on the Internet, into one beautiful, accessible, and convenient page.

Add your favorite news, sports teams, email, blogs, travel, finances, and any other custom sites you visit regularly.


The first and most important step to is to go into your browser settings,
and add as your homepage.

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Second, if you haven't done so already, create an account so that your custom sites, backgrounds, profile, and all your other settings are saved across all of your devices and browsers.

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This is optional, but a fantastic tool I personally use and love.

If you want to replace the default new tab page with your homepage, try the homepage browser extension.

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If you do not have a home button on your browser, go into your browser settings, search for homepage and add this to your browser.

This makes it super convenient to access your homepage while browsing the Internet.

That's it! Enjoy the personalized experience of Best Homepage Ever!

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