Questions and Help

Answers to some of your frequently asked questions.


An account is required for all customization features.

  1. Login to homepage account.
    Need an account? Create one now
  2. Add custom websites:
    Access the account menu
    Click the first dropdown menu item, My Links.
  3. Now all of your websites can be accessed with button.

Background Selection - First click the design (Solid, Grain, or Hatch), then choose the color. Then click anywhere on homepage to save.

If you are having difficulty with the location of various websites, then those websites are likely seeing your ISP (Internet Service Provider) location, not your physical location.

My advice: Try accessing the settings or setup of whichever site you are seeing this issue, then stay logged in. For TV Guide, movie listings, and weather (Google), those sites will often times have the option to manually input your location under your profile settings. Or, in the case of favorites theaters (Yahoo), you can add them as favorites.

In short, this homepage is not reading your location - other sites are. So, it is up to you to customize your settings through them to cater to your location.

If you are having issues with the background selection feature,

With an account

If you have an account, then the background will automatically save once you click off the settings sidebar window.

Without an account
  1. Make sure that cookies are enabled or allowed in your browser settings.
  2. If you wish to keep your security or privacy settings strict, you can always manually enter as a safe site.

For Internet Explorer, as an example, this can be found in the Internet Options -> Privacy Tab area.


Sites can change their structure from time to time, so links occasionally break. If you have a minute, please notify me if you find one.

You can reach me at I will have it fixed or replaced within about 24 hours.

Technical Help

This page does not have any advertisements or pop-ups. It never will. So, if you see anything like this, it is likely either Malware (what is Malware?), or 3rd-party software that is interfering with either your browser or your computer.

My advice: Please pay close attention to what is being advertised or what is being displayed, and search online for ways to remove those products or those services that are identifable. That should lead to ways to remove them from your computer.

Additionally, here are some helpful links to remove Malware:

Clearing form history will do the trick here. Here are a couple examples for both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer:
  • Google Chrome
    Type CTRL+DEL+SHIFT to pull up clear browser history. Then, select "AutoFill Form Data".
  • Internet Explorer
    Enter Settings (icon in top-right corner), then select Internet Options. Under Browser History, I selected Delete.. and chose Form Data checkbox.

While programming the homepage, I've done by very best to be backward compatible with old versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, etc. However, over time, those browsers need to be updated in order to support HTML 5 and other modern languages.

If you would like to know which browser you are currently using, click here. At the time of this writing, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 48, Firefox 44, and Safari 5.1 are the most current. If you have not updated your browser in over a year, I would recommend doing so.

Upon completion of your update, be sure to copy/paste into your new homepage settings, as many browsers attempt to advertise and direct you into their own pages.


If you have found a bug, broken link, or have a suggestion for the homepage, you can write me, Justin Carver, at, and I will try to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Please, if you have technical issues, please try to find and fix the issue with Google search, or by checking your browser settings. This is what is usually the cause of homepage or new-tab issues. Thanks!